SHRMF AGM members of its board waiting for the electronics to come online
SHRMF AGM members of its board waiting for the electronics to come online

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Jane Pedler giving her Chair’s report. l to r Graham Cottrell, Duncan Feetham, Clive Green, Chris Ball and Jane Pedler
Jane Pedler giving her Chair’s report. l to r Graham Cottrell, Duncan Feetham, Clive Green, Chris Ball and Jane Pedler

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Jane Pedler reporting on the votes for Board members. l to r Graham Cottrell, Duncan Feetham, Clive Green, Chris Ball and Jane
Jane Pedler reporting on the votes for Board members. l to r Graham Cottrell, Duncan Feetham, Clive Green, Chris Ball and Jane



Mrs Jane Pedler (JP) – Chairman

Mr Chris Ball (CB)

Mr John Beecroft (JB)

Mr Duncan Feetham (DF)

Mr Allan Fogg (AF)

Mr Clive Green (CG)

Mr Philip Hall (PH)

Mr Ian Hick (IH)

Bill McGawley (WM)

Mr Mark Griffiths (MG) – Company Secretary

Mr Graham Cottrell – Business Manager

Mr Johan Vanden Bergh – Chairman RREC

Mr Charles Tabor – President SHRMF

A number of additional SHRMF guaranteeing members

  1. The Chairman called the meeting to order at 4.45pm, welcomed those present, and then received apologies from Mrs Brenda Wright, Bob Riding, Dr Cedric Ashley, Stephen Byrne, David Whale, Sarah Hick and Clive Hickman.


  1. The Chairman gave her report, warning those present that it would differ from that which had already been published in the annual report as it would deal mainly with matters that had occurred since that report had been written. A full text is given at the end of these minutes.


  1. The minutes of the 2016 AGM were confirmed. They had been published in the Bulletin.


  1. Adoption of the Financial Statements for the year ending 30 June 2017: the result of the members’ vote on this resolution was

For: 64           Against: 0

The Financial Statements were therefore approved.


  1. Reappointment of millhall consultants ltd as Independent Examiners: the Chairman explained that the small “m” was not a misprint and that a full audit was not required of smaller companies, thus saving needless expense. Independent Examiners inspected the books and ensured that all was correct and as it should be. The result of the members’ vote on this resolution was as follows:

For: 72           Against: 1

Millhall consultants were therefore reappointed as Independent Examiners.

  1. The Business Manager gave the result of the election of Directors, and the effective votes cast were:

Chris Ball                    67

John Beecroft            57

Ian Hick                       60

Cedric Ashley            62

All four candidates were therefore elected.

  • There being no other formal business, the meeting was closed at 5.04 pm.

SHRMF AGM 18/11/2017

Chairman’s Report:

Welcome to all members and supporters of the Foundation to this, our Annual AGM.

We are pleased to see Johan can den Bergh, Chairman of the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts Club and Richard Fenner, member of the RREC Board. Of course we must not forget Ian Hick, Deputy Chairman of the RREC and Allan Fogg, RREC Board member who are also Trustee Directors of the Foundation

I’m sure you have all read the Chairman’s report in the Annual Accounts so I do not intend to repeat what has already been said there, but to mention some other things which have been happening since.

We now have a full Board of 12 Trustees having filled our final Independent Trustee place earlier this year.  Bill Mcgawley OBE has been a loyal supporter of the Foundation for many years and his attendance at lectures and the AGM has not gone unnoticed. He now joins David Whale of the FBHVC (who is leading the Federation delegation of seven to the General Assembly of the Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens (FIVA) in Bucharest today) and Stephen Byrne of MTC as the Foundation link to the outside world of engineering and training. Bill has been appointed Chairman –of the Prizes and Awards Committee, in succession to Cedric Ashley,  and is currently working hard on our Apprentice Award Scheme which is now in its second year, and also with the FBHVC on the Government Trailblazer Apprentice Initiative. I’m sure if any of you have any questions later on he will be pleased to answer them.

We gave our second apprentice award on the Live Stage at the NEC last weekend, to Stewart Parkes of Jonathan Wood. We are grateful to the FBHVC who are our partner in selecting and judging the candidates and arranged this opportunity to showcase the scheme before a much wider audience. Stewart came to our notice as a recommendation from the RRBSA.

Membership numbers are healthy given the current climate of economic uncertainty and we are extremely grateful to all our members and donors. At the current time numbers are 240 voting members which include 156 Life Members. These are people who have signed the Limited Liability Guarantee. RREC donors giving £30 or more number 171 and those giving £29 or less number 590. Total membership is therefore 1001. Some donors giving £30 or more choose not to sign the guarantee so are not full voting members.

While on the subject of donations it would be much appreciated if as many donors as possible were to take out Annual Standing Orders for their donation which would save us having to wait for the RREC to hand over the monies given by members as part of their subscriptions. There is frequently a long delay between the payment of the donation/subscription and the Foundation receiving the monies from the Club which means we are perceived to be late in acknowledging the donation causing understandable irritation to the donors.  Because we do not have a subscription year in the same way as the Club (for tax and legal reasons I will not bore you with) sending our “reminders” becomes difficult – a Standing Order solves this.

The Foundation have only two long suffering  and patient staff – Graham Cottrell and Karen Bowen- Jones, and we are very grateful to them for their hard work over the year. Our Business Manager, Graham has decided to retire for the second time and move on to pastures new so we are currently advertising for a new full time Business Manager to start sometime in the New Year. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Graham for all he has done for us in the five years he has been working for the Foundation.

We also fund half of Amii Errington, the Archivist who has now been with us for a full year. I am sure you will all have seen the   fruit of her considerable labours and what you see is only the half of it. A small group of Trustees and helpers, led by Amii, are currently engaged in creating an electronic catalogue of the Hunt House contents, a major task as I’m sure you will all appreciate. I am hopeful that by next year I will be able to report it as completed and on line but don’t want to count any hatching chickens!

I wish to thank all the Trustees for their efforts during the year. It has not always been plain sailing but I think we are still friends and determined to move the Foundation on to even greater things and enhanced public awareness. I must also thank Charles, our President. He was a Trustee himself for many years and has now stepped back to spend more time on his business and personal affairs. However the Foundation still benefits from his input, wisdom, experience and generosity.

And finally a piece of news which may have already filtered down to some of you:

The Sir Henry Royce Memorial Foundation is pleased to announce that, following a long and exhaustive investigation by Chris Ball (Trustee/Director of SHRMF) in conjunction with the Northamptonshire Police, numerous irreplaceable artefacts owned by the Foundation have been returned to the Hunt House. The perpetrator of the thefts, who was a longstanding member of the Rolls Royce Enthusiasts’ Club, pleaded guilty at Northants Crown Court on 13 November 2017 and was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment, suspended for two years and curfewed for 3 months between the hours of 10 pm and 8 am. Although this case is now concluded the search continues for the balance of the items that were appropriated illegally from the Hunt House.

Any breach of the sentence or curfew the Judge warned, he will go straight to prison.  So finally after nearly a year we got the result we deserve, all due frankly to Chris’s hard work and tenacity at considerable personal expense.  I think should formally record our thanks to him for his hard work, and to Linda for the support I know she gave and gives to him.

That completes the Chairman’s Report for this AGM.

Jane Pedler presenting Linda and Chris Ball with a bottle as thanks for their activity on the Hunt House thefts.
Jane Pedler presenting Linda and Chris Ball with a bottle as thanks for their activity on the Hunt House thefts.