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There are two categories of membership that may be applied for:

Annual Member, for which an annual donation of £30 or more is required (qualifying year currently commences on 1st January).

Life Member, for which a single donation of £500 or more is required.

Both categories confer the same benefits and rights:

  • Full voting rights for the election of all Directors and on all issues requiring a vote of the membership
  • Right to stand for election as a Director.
  • Free entry to The Hunt House and access to the Archives.
  • Preferential rates for copying material.
  • Car sticker badge

Applicants should note that, as a member of a company limited by guarantee, the limit of a member’s liability is £10.00 (ten pounds).

Click the “Become a Member” icon below to pay on line – or download the Membership Application Form and return in the post with your payment. You can set up a Standing Order by  sending using the form below.

become a member

membership application form

standing order form

  If you would like us to be able to claim the tax back on your Membership then please complete the form below. Thank you.

I should like the Sir Henry Royce Memorial Foundation to reclaim the tax on any eligible donations or membership subscriptions I have already made or will make until further notice. I confirm that I pay at least as much UK income or capital gains tax as will be reclaimed by all charities on my donations in each tax year.

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